We are an integrator of industrial robots

integracja robotów przemysłowy - automatyzacja i robotyzacja produkcji

About us

Nexport is a team of specialists and experts, thanks to whom we integrate industrial robots and cobots in production and logistics processes

We integrate industrial robots with various systems and components from renowned manufacturers in order to create a complete robotic station. During the robotization of production processes, we combine various elements of the station, such as: robots, controllers, sensors, software and other devices. All this to create a coherent, integrated whole, whose task will be to perform specific activities in the production or logistics process.

First of all, when working with our clients, we always try to meet their expectations, adjusting equipment and technology to real needs. Therefore, we choose solutions so as to maintain flexibility and the ability to react due to changes that occur in the processes inside the company. Thanks to this approach, our customers can be sure that the implemented solutions will increase productivity and production efficiency.

We robotize production with a view to building our clients' market advantage

Bearing in mind the needs of customers, we robotize production with a view to optimizing processes, increasing productivity, reducing labor costs, and increasing the safety of employees.

Robotization allows you to automate processes and perform tasks faster and more accurately than a human. As a result, the company can increase its productivity, which leads to lower production costs and increased profits. The introduction of robotization can help a company increase its competitiveness. Both by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality and responding faster to changing market needs. Robotization of processes can help relieve employees from repetitive tasks and use their skills for complex and creative activities.

Therefore, as an integrator of industrial robots, we believe that the most important stage in creating effective robotic systems is understanding the process, selecting the right components and carrying out the implementation in a smooth manner.

What’s more, many years of experience in working in the industry and understanding the mechanisms of manufacturing processes allow us to implement robots in accordance with the needs of the company.

We integrate industrial robots and implement them in processes

  • we develop the technology – first of all, we assess the areas of companies in terms of the use of the robot. As a result, together with the client and technology suppliers, we develop a detailed technological process, assumptions and KPIs and recommend solutions.
  • we create the project –  secondly, we design a station with a robot based on the client’s needs, process data, available technologies and our own experience. What’s more, we visualize the space with the robot, and then model the process and test it in a virtual environment in order to avoid errors in the implementation.
  • we build the station  – thirdly, we compose the necessary resources: a robotic arm with a control system, equipment selected for the manufacturing process, fencing systems, and then install all the elements in the final place.
  • we implement the process – fourthly, we launch the installation, test the process, achieve the design assumptions, train the operators and the crew, and then support customers while working with the robot.
we choose a solution
and technology
we design a
robotic station
we build and test
the station
we implement the robot
and optimize the process


An experienced team of specialists is necessary in the process of integrating an industrial robot and implementing a robotic process

Undoubtedly, the process of integrating industrial robots requires a team of specialists with various skills and predispositions. First of all, our team is a group of people with both technical knowledge and experience in the integration of industrial robots. In addition, our team has skills in managing implementation projects. As a result, the robots integrating team includes, among others:

  • Robotic: the person who is responsible for selecting the robot and then configuring and programming it.
  • Automation: a person involved in the design, programming and commissioning of devices and automation systems that will allow the control and monitoring of industrial processes.
  • Programmer: the person who is responsible for creating the software so that the control of the robot is intuitive and possible with other systems.
  • Constructor: a person who prepares technical documentation and is responsible for the design of the stand.
  • Fitter: he is responsible for the assembly of the robot, the construction of the fence and the implementation of the station.
  • Electrician: A person who designs and installs power and control systems for a robot.
  • Safety system designer: responsible for designing a system that will protect users from injury or damage while on the job.
  • Test specialist: the person who is responsible for conducting tests to ensure that the robot is working properly and is safe to use.
  • Financial analyst: a specialist responsible for the analysis of profitability and return on investment. He develops business models and is responsible for the financial assembly of the project.
  • Project manager: a person who has experience in project management. She is responsible for overseeing the robot integration process, coordinating the team’s work and ensuring that the project is carried out on schedule and on budget.

In addition, depending on the scale of the project and customer needs, we also engage other specialists for integration. Of course, among whom there are: welding engineers, logistics, painters, data analysts and artificial intelligence specialists.

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