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NEXPORT is a modern company that professionally deals with the integration of industrial robots and cobots.

We integrate robots and cobots with various systems and components from renowned manufacturers in order to create a complete robotic station. By building stations and robotizing production processes, we combine various elements of the system, such as: robots, controllers, sensors, software and other devices to create a coherent, integrated whole, whose task will be to perform specific activities in the production or logistics process.

As an integrator of industrial robots, we believe that the most important step in creating effective robotic systems is understanding the process, selecting the right components and carrying out the implementation in a smooth manner.

The implementation of a robotic process requires proper planning and precise synchronization of various elements. That is why we create complete solutions and guide our clients through the entire process, i.e. from analyzing the potential for robotization, through station design, visualization and simulation of the process, selection and completion of components, installation of devices and accessories, integration of the robot with other devices, to commissioning the robot, implementation and optimization of the production process, crew training and support in use.

When working with our clients, we always try to meet their expectations by matching the equipment and technology to real needs. We select solutions so that they allow our customers to maintain flexibility and the ability to react due to changes that occur on the market or in other production processes. We robotise production with a view to optimizing processes, increasing efficiency, reducing labor costs, and increasing employee safety. And all this to build our clients’ competitive advantage on the market.

We program industrial robots and cobots to perform specific tasks, such as: assembly, welding, painting or packaging. We also use them as manipulators in handling and palletizing processes.

In our work, we use many years of experience in working with robots and accessories from world-class manufacturers.

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What we do

Robotization of production is the process of automating production with the use of industrial robots.

The introduction of robots into production processes is aimed at increasing the efficiency, quality and efficiency of production. Robotization of production is currently widely used in many industries, such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals and the food industry. The implementation of industrial robots in production requires investment in specialized equipment and training of employees in the field of robot operation and programming. Therefore, we work in the following two models:

Technical consulting – preparation for robotization

It is a service consisting in the development of technical, process and organizational assumptions that will be used by the company to implement a robot or cobot in any production or logistics process. As part of the service, we verify the client’s assumptions and prepare technical documentation on the basis of which the investment in the form of robotization of the station can be comprehensively implemented.

The purpose of the service is:

  • development of technical and hardware guidelines for solution providers
  • development of technical and hardware guidelines for integrators
  • obtaining complete knowledge about the implementation process, necessary resources, scope of work and costs.
  • obtaining a project schedule and guidelines for the implementation of the robot
  • documentation can be used as assumptions to obtain funding or grants in projects under the EU perspective 2021-2027.

The service is intended for companies that are just planning to implement robots or cobots or are not ready yet or have incomplete competences or resources and need support and advice in this area.

The scope of the service includes: pre-implementation analysis, development of a robotic workstation concept, virtual process simulation, a set of technical requirements for the workstation, cost-effectiveness analysis along with the investment financing model, initial cost estimate for the workstation, training program guidelines for employees as well as technical support and advice.

Construction of a robotic station – robot integration and technology implementation

It is a service involving the implementation of a robot or cobot in any manufacturing or logistics process in the company. We are responsible for creating the concept, assembly of devices, integration and implementation as well as the implementation of the assumed performance and productivity indicators.

The purpose of the service is:

  • shortening the production cycle
  • increased productivity
  • increase in OEE
  • elimination of bottlenecks elimination of staff shortages lowering production costs

The service is intended for companies ready to implement new technologies, which are convinced that robotization is an opportunity for them to build a market advantage by increasing production efficiency, improving product quality, reducing labor costs, and increasing employee safety.

The scope of the service includes: design of a robotic workstation with a virtual model of the workstation and process simulation, construction and assembly of a robotic workstation, integration of the robot and accessories, tests and process implementation, team training, support at the stage of use.



Robotization and automation

Robotization consists in introducing industrial robots into production processes that replace employees in certain tasks or perform tasks in an automated manner, which speeds up and facilitates the production process. Industrial robots are able to perform many different tasks, such as welding, painting, assembly, packaging or material transport. This allows production to run continuously and efficiently, allowing you to increase production while reducing costs. Automation consists in the introduction of automatic systems that allow information processing and control of production processes. Automation can apply to both physical and management processes. These systems are able to process large amounts of data, which allows for optimization of production processes, prevention of errors and better control of product quality.


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